Specialised Instruction in Pilates & Low Pressure Fitness

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Pilates is more than just a great workout - it is a way of life.

At PilatesJoburg, we strive to create a welcoming and empowering environment where the mind and the body are equally challenged to move towards increased awareness and vitality.

- Bonni Behr -

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Individual Assessment

Contact us to discuss your individual needs. We can tailor a specialized training program that is suited to you and your body requirements.

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Exciting News

Bonni and Mel recently completed Level 1 of The Low Pressure Fitness Method (From Spain).

It has now been incorporated into the PilatesJoburg Studio and clients are loving this exciting and innovative new method for core strengthening and toning, breath work and improved spinal column.

This method is for everyone from the unfit to the experienced athlete, both women and men and anyone wishing to achieve a more toned and healthy musculature of the Core/Pelvic and so much more.


Bonni and Mel are superb Pilates teachers. They have an eagle eye for unhelpful movements, and always encourage you to go beyond your fears. No class is ever the same - Bonni and Mel are creative teachers, on top of their game, and always learning and teaching more. I have attended their classes for 5 years and can highly recommend the teachers and the well-organised studio.

Specialized attention catering for all your needs...

Group Classes

Group classes are great because, although you get less individual attention, they are more social and you work together as a team.

Quads & Trios

This is a great option to work with other people yet still receive individual coaching.


If you have a friend or partner that you would like to train with, then this is ideal. This is especially suitable for couples.

Private Classes

Private classes are very special as you get undivided attention on your specific training needs, with extra bonus tips and tricks.

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