Low Pressure Fitness

Because LPF is both a postural and breathing re-education, combined with the most advanced Nero educational methodology, it minimizes pressure and body tension to increase well-being.

As the postures provide myofascial release and visceral traction and elevation, this exciting method has many benefits.

Both Bonni and Mel recently completed Level 1 of The Low Pressure Fitness Method (From Spain).

It has now been incorporated into the PilatesJoburg Studio and clients are loving this exciting and innovative new method for core strengthening and toning, breath work and improved spinal column.

This method is for everyone from the unfit to the experienced athlete, both women and men and anyone wishing to achieve a more toned and healthy musculature of the Core and so much more.

low pressure fitness fpf class

Bonni and Mel were members of the first group of Gauteng professionals who completed the Level 1 course training for trainers in LPF in Krugersdorp, Gauteng in May 2018.

Benefits of Low Pressure Fitness

Tones deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

Regulates and/or improves beathing capacity and improves fitness

Enhances posture

Improves and/or prevents hernias by management of intra abdominal pressure

Prevents and/or reduces the symptoms of urinary incontinence

Decreases the circumference of the abdomen and gets rid of “mummy tummy”

Improves the management of intra-abdominal pressure

Enhance quality of life and well being

Improve venous return

Prevents musculo-skeletal injuries

Improves lumbo-pelvic stabilization

Treats and/or prevents prolapse and erectile disfunction

Restores core health post surgery

Amongst the first LPF classes in Johhannesburg in early 2018: